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There is street parking along Chestnut Street & String Bridge Road.  There are also reserved Mill Yoga parking spots located in the large parking lot across Chestnut Street from the second level entrance of our brick building. Once you enter the lot the reserved parking spots are in the far corner closest to 6 Chestnut Street's 2 story brick building (green arrows on map above.)


Getting to my studio can be a little tricky so please take a minute to look over these directions and the marked map!  My bodywork studio is located inside the Mill Yoga Studio which is on the GROUND FLOOR of 6 Chestnut Street a two story brick building (see photo).  Mill Yoga Studio can only be accessed through the ground floor entrance (pink star on map) which faces String Bridge Road and the Exeter Public Library.  The ground floor entrance has a black framed door with two benches and a tiny lending library outside. The Mill Yoga sign hangs up on the corner of the building.  People get confused because our building has an upper-level entrance on Chestnut Street which DOES NOT connect to Mill Yoga. 

If you find yourself at the upper entrance on Chestnut Street please walk around the building by using the stairs on the right and wrapping all the way around the back of our building (purple arrow on map), OR, by following the sidewalk to the left towards and along String Bridge Road.  You will see a sloping lawn and a path connecting the sidewalk on String Bridge Rd to the main ground floor entrance of our brick building (blue arrow on map).


If you find yourself at the lower entrance of Exeter Public Library - I am located across String Bridge Road in the 2-story brick building that is set back about 50 yards off the road.  As you leave the main lower entrance of the library, String Bridge Rd will be on your left.  Cross that street and use the pathway that connects the sidewalk to the ground level entrance with the metal benches and black-framed door (blue arrow on map).  As you get closer, you will see the Mill Yoga Studio sign hanging from the corner of the building.